My First SOSo New Blog!!!

Hello Everyone!!! I am super excited to publish my VERY FIRST blog!!! When I say this is NEW to me, I mean this is NEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW to ME!!! My goal is to let you all get to know my INNER me which is creative by heart and FUNKY SPONKY by nature. I definitely intend to be as FREE and OPEN as I can possibly imagine. This is my PLAYGROUND. Because let me tell you…. “REAL” LIFE HAS NO ROOM FOR PLAY when your on a mission! 

So today I wanted to share with you all my FAUX vintage piece of the day! I say faux because it was purchased with original tags. But the look to me made me feel very VINTAGE-LIKE! 


Now let me get to the FUN part!! So the concept of my blog is to post Fashionistas with funky vintage styles and allow the world to get to know them and appreciate their sense of fashion. So why not start with the ME as my VERY FIRST FASHIONISTA!! YAAAAY ME!!!! I AM SO HONORED!!! 🙂 Now let the questions begin….

Why do you like thrift/vintage? I like vintage because it will always be classic. Beautiful vintage pieces has repeatable fashion

Where did you find this item? H&M 

What inspired you to buy/ make this piece? I love the sleeves on the blouse. Reminded me of a dream girl from the 40s. I was able to find a similar piece in Sammy Davis’s blog 21 Reasons Why You Should Wear 1940s Clothing & Trends

How did you feel when wearing this item? I felt chic! No other way! As soon as I got in the car I heard Michael Jackson song The girl is mine and felt like I was having the most romantic day at the park sitting at the bench sipping cool ice-tea with a little while umbrella blocking me from the sun as I day dream about my handsome prince

What is your style philosophy? To have FUN! Be FREE! Be AGE APPROPRIATE!

What song best describe you style? Blame it on the Boogie ( I LOVE MJ!!!)


I hoped you all enjoyed reading my post! There will be many more COMING SOON! 


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