First, I would like to thank each and every individual who finds and take interest my blog. The purpose of this blog is create a community for Fashionistas who love thrift shopping.  Now if you are anything like me, when I fall in love with a  thrifty fashion pieces, I create a million thoughts in my head. I think of its history and its future. I wonder who was previous owner, why they let this item go, how can I make this piece timeless by accessorizing, and what is the most appropriate environment to wear this piece.

During my free time I enjoy browsing sites that share findings of consignment or thrifty fashion pieces. And once again the thoughts begin filling my head and I allow my imagination to run free! Now even though I would love to have known the previous owners story behind these pieces, I understand that will never happen.  Then I think to myself ” Well what is the present owner’s story behind this beautiful piece?”.

As I look at the unique findings fashions pieces, my curiosity gets the best of me. I want to know more behind these pieces. I want to know more about the person who share the same thrift style as I do and is privileged to own their thrifty items. So to get answers, I did what any curious soul would do. I asked!!!! And I wanted to share this information with my viewers.

If there are any thrifty fashionistas who would like to share their findings, feel free to email me at!